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Independent Owner Operators

This entire journey started with the main goal that still drives us here at, make sure the drivers take back the control of their trucking business. We here at have accomplished this goal by eliminating the broker from the entire process. By combining our state of the art technology, with direct driver to shipper connection, say goodbye to broker fees and say hello to more profit in your bottom line.

Fleet Dispatchers/Dispatch Drivers

It can be complicated managing your fleet of trucks. At, we have streamlined the entire process so you can simply and effectively manage your fleet. From real time updates on where your trucks are, to assigning contracted freight to your dispatch drivers. is the only service you will need to manage and improve your business. Oh lets not forget about zero broker fees! No brokered loads on this site EVER!

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We connect companies looking to ship their products, directly with drivers and fleet dispatchers who are looking to haul freight. Our streamlined process allows you to post unlimited loads at NO COST. As well as receive multiple inquires for each individual load posted, allowing you to personally choose who hauls your valuable freight. Check out all our other features we offer by clicking the button bellow!